#122 Indie Life & The Future of Work - Venkatesh Rao

This episode was a delight. Venkatesh Rao is the creator of Ribbonfarm and has been writing about the internet, technology, and gig life. This conversation focuses on his recently published book, The Art of Gig.  

If you are thinking about working independently, becoming a freelancer, or are interested in consulting, you should definitely buy his book:
You can find Venkatesh:
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We talked about:
1:00 The scripts Venkatesh grew up with
5:05 Preparing for the leap, Dan Pink's books
10:48 Predictable income vs adventure
18:58 Is $100 enough to build confidence in a project?
21:08 Understanding the big consulting companies
27:18 The positioning vs people's school
33:34 "Avoid polished deliverables"
42:17 Helping the executives take a step back
47:54 Systematic doubt and systematic confidence
51:40 What is "the clutch class" and why does it matter?
59:34 "What the clutch class is doing on evenings and weekends everyone will be doing in 10 years"
1:01:54 Keeping a 10-foot pole between your public identity and freelance gigs
1:03:38 How does Venkatesh work with clients?
1:07:53 The Yak collective and the future of indie consulting
1:12:34 Why the gig economy will outgrow the paycheck economy?

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Venkatesh Rao
Venkatesh Rao
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#122 Indie Life & The Future of Work - Venkatesh Rao
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