#125 Angie & Paul - We're Having a Kid (and other life updates)

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Angie and I talked about our journey (mostly hers) over the last two years including her leaving fitness, moving to the US, enrolling in Write of Passage, finding her community, and initial traction as a freelancer.


0:00 Introduction
0:15 Introduction & Angie's challenge
1:06 Angie Challenging Relationship With Fitness
6:48 Letting go of Fitness after launching a course
10:40 Setting a deadline to quit fitness creator stuff
13:35 Moving back to the US with Angie & mindsets
16:05 Struggling to find a job and US business culture
17:25 Success narratives from Paul's family
22:15 Communities that accept you & Write of Passage
24:05 Angie's experience in Write of Passage
34:35 Freelancing for course creators
36:15 We're having a kid!
40:30 Self-employed life and kids
42:30 Afraid of being a "full-time mom"
43:45 Work, money & identity
49:05 Paul & Ambition

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Angie Wang
Angie Wang
I practice movement, write about life explorations, and create art. Podcaster. Course Creator. Capoerista🤸‍♂️ Life is a playground✨
#125 Angie & Paul - We're Having a Kid (and other life updates)
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